Warriors For The Working Day
Military Art
Paul Hitchin
145 Walsall Road


' We are but warriors for the working day ',

a quote taken from Shakespeare's  'Henry V ' and an inspiration to the artwork of Paul Hitchin. A long standing enthusiast of military history and for many years a keen re-enactor and exponent of living history, he has already had work published and is keen to become an accepted and well known military artist. It is the artist's aim to provide accurate illustrations of the soldier as he actually appeared in the field.

Family ties The personal touch
An armoured knight of 1250, 1350, 1415 or 1475 accurately portrayed and bearing the heraldry associated with a client's family. The figures are based on original funeral brasses or effigies. Or perhaps an impression of a forbear or family member in uniform taken from old photographs. Even an image of the client portrayed in the uniform or armour of their chosen period.
Archers at War
The artist has shot traditional English long bow for over 25 years and feels a deep affinity with the bowmen of medieval English armies. These warriors were, for over a century, a dominant force in European warfare, bringing those considered their betters literally down to earth. The artist's respect for these bowmen is reflected in his drawings.
Britain is a small island off the coast of Europe, yet it once ruled much of the known world, gained by the blood and sweat of its soldiers. Those days are gone now, but some of those red coated warriors of Britain still live on in the artist's pictures, bringing back images of a lost empire and the men who conquered it.
The illustrations shown on this web site represent only a small part of the artist's ever growing portfolio with a range of figures covering over two millennia. The aim is to provide both private and commercial clients with illustrations of soldiers as they appeared on the day of battle. Limited edition reproductions and original commissions can be undertaken. For any further information please contact the artist on the details provided.



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